Radiator Service & Repair

Have you noticed that your car’s engine is running hotter than normal? Or have you seen any green or orange liquid pooled under your car? If you have, now is the time to bring your car to Aarrow Transmission in South Richmond or Glen Allen. Our car repair technicians can expertly diagnose and correct the issue with your radiator, coolant, and other temperature-related system. We’ll get you safely back on the road in no time.

Here are some common signs that your car may be overheating:

  • Temperature gauge in the red zone, near the “H”
  • Leaking coolant (typically orange or green, but can also be other colors)
  • Steam coming from the engine area
  • A scent like maple syrup (indicating leaking coolant)
  • Engine warning lights – particularly a thermometer icon

If your car is in danger of overheating, you shouldn’t delay in addressing the issue. Did you know that your car engine’s combustion chamber can reach 2000 degrees? Without a properly working cooling system to keep this heat in check, it can severely damage your car. Aluminum heads can warp, head gaskets can blow, and seals can fail – resulting in irreparable damage to your engine.

Or, if the issue isn’t related to the radiator at all, we’ll discover that, too. With any luck, our repair experts will discover that the cause of the issue was an inexpensive fan, a faulty fan switch, stuck thermostat, or even low motor oil. But keep this in mind; inexpensive or not, any of these malfunctioning components can cause a great deal of damage.

The best way to avoid issues with your cooling system – as well as much costlier car repairs – is to follow a regular maintenance schedule. This includes inspecting your radiator and replacing your coolant in accordance with your car manufacturer’s recommendations. No matter what kind of make and model you’ve got, our ASE-certified mechanics will get the job done right.

You trust your radiator to protect your car’s engine. Trust Aarrow Transmission to protect your radiator and coolant system. Call today, or drop by one of our convenient car service and repair locations in West End-Glen Allen or South Richmond-Midlothian. We’ll take great care of your radiator, your car – and you!