A transmission replacement involves swapping the current transmission for another, which can be either new or used. It’s a big job – one that requires tracking down the right replacement transmission at the right price, getting it to our garage, and then skillfully installing it into your car. A transmission replacement is a job for certified transmission specialists – just like the mechanics here at Aarrow.

Aarrow has been fixing Richmond’s cars and transmissions for more than 30 years. Our factory-trained, ASE-certified mechanics can expertly replace, rebuild, or repair any transmission. When you see the ASE badge on our sleeves, you know that your mechanic has proven – and continues to prove – his technical skill. No matter your car’s make or model, we’ve seen it – and fixed it.

How do you know if a transmission replacement is right for you and your car? That depends. It costs more to replace a transmission than to rebuild one using components that you’ve already got. And finding and shipping the replacement to our garage can take some time. But if you love your car, and you want the transmission (and warranty) that will last longest, a replacement is the right choice. Want to save to save money today? Consider a rebuild.

If you’re considering a transmission replacement, you’ve got one more set of options to consider: New or used? A replacement from a dealer will be more expensive, but a new transmission should last longest; a used transmission will be less expensive, but probably won’t last as many years as a new one. If you plan to sell your car in a year or two, a slightly shorter lifespan probably won’t matter.

Whether you choose a used or new replacement for your transmission, you can count on our mechanics to give your car a whole new lease on life. So don’t wait. If you’re considering a transmission replacement, contact your nearest Aarrow location today to schedule an appointment. We’re conveniently located in both Glen Allen/Short Pump and South Richmond/Midlothian, and we’re always at your service!

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