A transmission rebuild is an overhaul of all of the major transmission components – a job best left to a skilled car mechanic. In a rebuild, the transmission is completely taken apart; all parts are inspected, and those that are still good are kept; those showing signs of wear are replaced; then everything is put back together again. As you can imagine, a transmission rebuild requires a high degree of skill – just what you’ll find here at Aarrow Transmission.

Richmond's Most Trusted Transmission Rebuilders

So why does Richmond trust Aarrow for transmission rebuilds? We’ve been fixing cars since 1985, and our factory-trained technicians can expertly rebuild, replace, or repair any transmission. And our mechanics are ASE-certified, which means that they’ve proven – and continue to prove – their technical skill. In short: You won’t find a better place to get your transmission rebuilt or repaired.

Does Your Car Need a Transmission Rebuild?

How do you know if your car is a good candidate for a transmission rebuild? That depends on your situation and where you see your car in the future. Rebuilds are a great choice when your goal is to reduce short-term costs or get back on the road quickly. If you’re more concerned about longer warranty coverage and keeping your car for years to come, you might also consider a replacement.

Relative to replacements, transmission rebuilds are usually finished more quickly, within a matter of days. That’s because it usually takes less time for us to inspect your transmission and gather needed parts than it does to track down the right replacement. Despite the several extra hours of labor involved, the overall cost of a transmission rebuild will also be less than the cost of a replacement.

If a transmission rebuild is a right choice for you, you can count on our mechanics to give your car’s worn-out transmission a new life. You can also count on us to back our top-quality parts and our workmanship with an (x) warranty. We’re confident in the cars we get back on the road; you deserve to be confident, too.

So don’t wait. If you’re considering a transmission rebuild, schedule an appointment at your nearest Aarrow location today. We’re conveniently located in both Glen Allen/Short Pump and South Richmond/Midlothian.

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