Taking proper care of your car’s tires and wheels is important for so many reasons. When your tires perform well, they help to keep you and your family safe; they deliver better performance and fuel economy; and they’ll last longer – saving you money and benefitting the environment. That’s why Aarrow Transmission is proud to service and replace tires at our car repair shops in South Richmond-Midlothian and Glen Allen-Short Pump.

Here are some of the things we can do to help you get more out of your tires – and your car or truck:

Richmond's Full-Service Tire Shop

Tire Rotation

Tires wear in different places, and at different rates, depending on where they’re positioned on your vehicle. On a front-wheel drive car, for example, the front tires will be responsible for generating power, for steering, and for much of the braking; these tires will be working harder, and they’ll wear faster. Because we drive on the right side of the road, we make more right turns than left; as a result, our left tires travel farther and wear faster.

If tires are left in the same position for too long, they’ll wear too much in one place. Rotating tires from one position to another helps to promote even wear, and can greatly extend the useful life of your tires. Every vehicle has a recommended rotation pattern – Aarrow Transmission’s team can help you follow it.

Tire Balancing

Perfect tires and wheels have perfectly distributed weight. But over time, wear or damage to a particular spot can throw off weight distribution. When one spot is heavier or lighter than the rest, your wheels and tires can wobble as they roll down the road. That’s bad news for your tire tread, and for your steering and suspension components.

We’ll help your wheels maintain a proper balance, extending the life of your tires and protecting your steering and suspension from needless damage; you’ll also love the smoother ride.

Tire Pressure Checks

Even perfect tires lose a little air over time, and bad things can happen when your tires are under-inflated: Uneven wear, slow braking, poor handling, and even blowouts. Aarrow Transmission recommends checking your tire pressure every month, and adding air when needed. It’s an easy way for you to improve your tread life, handling, fuel efficiency, and safety. If occasionally adding air isn’t enough to keep your tires properly inflated, our ASE-certified mechanics can correct the issue.


Tire Alignment

It doesn’t take much for a wheel or tire to lose its alignment: Hitting a curb, pothole, or parking stall can do the trick. So can gradual wear and tear. And when one of your wheels isn’t pointing the right way, you and your car will suffer for it: Tires will wear unevenly. Your car may pull to the right or the left. And you may have to endure a bumpy ride. Instead, let our expert mechanics identify any alignment issues and perfectly adjust the angles of your tires and wheels.

Tire Installation

Even with the most diligent care, every tire will need to be replaced eventually. Aarrow Transmission carries tires for all types of vehicles, all levels of performance, and all seasons. Here are some of the most popular brands of tires that we sell:


Our Tire brands

  • Bridgestone
  • Continental
  • Goodyear
  • Pirelli
  • Sumitomo
  • Michelin
  • Hankook
  • Yokohama

Whether you need new tires – or want to protect the ones you’ve got – you can count on Aarrow Transmission to take great care of you. Call Aarrow Transmission today at 804-794-2400 (South Richmond-Midlothian) or 804-364-2500 (Glen Allen-Short Pump) to schedule an appointment.

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