Expert Transmission Repair in Richmond, Glen Allen & Midlothian

Richmond trusts Aarrow Transmission for quality transmission repairs, rebuilds, and service. Our ASE-certified mechanics can expertly service any transmission – standard or automatic, foreign or domestic, in everything from old-school classics to the most cutting-edge cars on the road. We’re also conveniently located. If you have a transmission problem, you’ll be pleased to know we have repair shops in both Glen Allen and Midlothian.

So what keeps our Richmond transmission repair customers coming back? In addition to our factory-trained technicians, we offer excellent preliminary diagnostics and high-quality parts, and we take genuine pride in the work we do. We strive to do every job right – the first time – and keep you on the road mile after trouble-free mile.

Count on Aarrow Transmission to always:

Correctly Identify the Problem

Diagnosing a transmission problem is both an art and a science. So in addition to using the latest computerized diagnostic equipment, we’ll always ask a series of thoughtful questions and then perform an extensive road test.

Check Transmission Fluid

Transmissions require the right amount of fluid. Too little – maybe the result of a leak – can cause serious damage to internal components. Too much fluid can result in foaming, which can cause band or clutch failure. We’ll make sure you’ve got what you need – no more and no less.

Check Fluid Condition

Our Richmond technicians can learn a great deal about your transmission by checking the condition of the fluid. The color alone can help our technicians determine the cause and severity of the problem, and even how the transmission should be repaired.

Check Communications

We always check the communications link between the engine and transmission. Our careful review of cables, vacuum lines, electric sensors, and switches helps us to eliminate clutch and shifting malfunctions.

Check Electronic Data

All cars have electronic controls that send and receive information that affects the performance of both the engine and transmission. Our specialized diagnostic tests will tell us if these controls are working perfectly – or contributing to the problem.

Keep Accurate Documentation

We make sure to accurately document the performance and condition of your transmission. This helps to ensure that we order parts on schedule, source information accurately, and keep your car running smoothly for years to come.

Supply Quality Parts & Workmanship

Whether it’s a simple filter for routine maintenance, or the clutches and bands needed to completely rebuild a transmission, you can always count on getting the best-quality replacement parts. No matter what part you need, it will be installed by a factory-trained, ASE-certified technician.

Next time you need expert transmission repair, count on Aarrow Transmission; chances are, some of your Richmond friends and neighbors already do. Our name says it all: Transmissions are our specialty. Visit us in Midlothian or Glen Allen, or give us a call to schedule a friendly, reliable repair or service.