Ignition System Service & Repair

Have you noticed that your car’s engine is stuttering or jerking? Or that your engine has stopped idling smoothly? You may be seeing signs of trouble with your car’s ignition system. Our expert auto repair technicians can diagnose and correct issues with your ignition coil, battery, spark plugs, or any other system. Bring your car to Aarrow Transmission in South Richmond or Glen Allen, and we’ll get you safely back on the road in no time.

Here are some common signs that your auto’s ignition system is failing:

  • Difficulty starting the auto
  • Engine is stuttering or bouncing – a sign that not all cylinders have fired
  • Car stalls when idling
  • Check engine light is on

When a car fails to start, or cylinders fail to fire, the solution could be as simple as replacing old spark plugs; or it could require a new ignition switch or coil. Or the solution could require repair of another system in your car, such as a vacuum leak or faulty fuel pump. One thing is for certain: These failings won’t stop on their own; they require diagnosis and repair from a skilled and experienced mechanic.

If your ignition system is failing, your car may also be suffering from issues such as poor fuel economy, reduced power, or a failing battery. The next step may be a car that stalls unexpectedly and leaves you stranded at an intersection; if that happens, any potential repair costs are also bound to increase. So don’t wait for more trouble to arrive. Instead, trust your car to the ASE-certified technicians at Aarrow.

Schedule an appointment at one of Aarrow Transmission’s convenient car service and repair locations in West End-Glen Allen or South Richmond-Midlothian. We’ll put a smile on your face and put your auto’s ignition problems in your rear-view mirror.