General Car-Auto Service & Maintenance

Here at Aarrow Transmission, we love to repair transmissions and get Richmond’s cars back on the road. But transmission work is just part of what we do at our shops in Glen Allen and Midlothian. Some of the most important work we perform is regular maintenance that makes the difference between a car that’s a pleasure to drive and one that’s back in the shop for an expensive auto repair.

40-Point Inspections

If it’s been a while since your auto had a thorough inspection, now would be a great time to schedule one at Aarrow. Our ASE-certified technicians can perform a 40-point maintenance inspection that’s designed to identify small problems before they become much bigger and more costly ones.

Lube & Oil Filter Change

We understand: Some people want to save a little money by postponing that oil and filter change. But what they’re really doing is gambling – increasing the chance that they’ll suffer expensive repairs or replacement down the road to save a few bucks. Don’t take that bet.

Instead, trust our technicians to perform a perfect lube and oil filter change. We’ll keep your engine running coolly, cleanly, and smoothly. And with today’s synthetics, you can go longer between oil changes than ever – and that means even less excuse for not having a properly lubricated car.

Transmission Service & Flush

Over time, grime and sludge collects inside transmissions. A properly performed flush can help to remove the dirty materials, improve performance, and extend the lifespan of your transmission. We’ll also look for signs of current or future transmission issues, and address them as needed.

Cooling System Service & Flush

With our hot summers and cool winters, it isn’t always easy being an engine in Richmond. But you can help prevent your car from overheating or freezing – and protect your engine’s heads and gaskets – with regular cooling system maintenance. We’ll inspect your radiator and engine cooling system; then, as recommended by your car’s manufacturer, we’ll flush out the old antifreeze/coolant and replace it with a new application.

Tire Checks & Rotations

If the tires on your car aren’t in shape to perform, you’re putting your health and your safety at risk. Our technicians can inspect your tires, let you know if they’re safe or not, and give you a good idea about how much longer you can continue to rely on them. We’ll also rotate your tires, evening out the wear on them, and postponing the day when you’ll need to replace those tires.

You trust your car to take care of you. Trust us to take great care of your car. Call Aarrow Transmission today, or drop by our Glen Allen or Midlothian location. We’ll give your car just what it needs to keep getting you where you need to go.