Auto Repair Insights & Articles

One of the many reasons Richmond trusts Aarrow Transmission is because of our team of experienced, knowledgeable technicians. Since 1985, you’ve counted on our ASE-certified mechanics to correctly diagnose your automotive problems, to execute repairs, and to help keep your auto running smoothly between scheduled maintenance visits.

So we thought you might enjoy some infographics or classic articles with a little extra insight and some tips that can help you keep your auto in tip-top shape. Click any of the links below:

Transmission Rebuild or Replacement?
Our handy transmission infographic will help to make your choice clear.

Four Transmission Warning Signs
Is it time for a checkup? Look for these signs.

Budgeting for Auto Maintenance
Learn how much you should plan to pay for maintenance.

Stick-Shift or Automatic Transmission?
Aarrow weighs in on the age-old question: stick shift or automatic?

The Maintenance Mindset
Pay a little now or a lot later. Read more.

Why Smooth Shifting Matters
It’s a big reason why modern autos are more efficient. Read more.

Prevent Cooling System Problems
Avoiding Richmond’s cars’ most common mechanical issue.

Tires Need to Meet Form & Function
Our break-down of what you need to consider when purchasing tires.

Let’s Talk About Your Fuel System
If your auto has lost its zip, a dirty fuel system could be to blame.

Headlamp Replacement & Restoration
Dim headlights make accidents more likely. Read more.

The Times-Dispatch Heralds Aarrow Transmission
Some nice press about your favorite local auto repair shop.

Do you have any questions that we haven’t covered? If you live in the Richmond area, give us a call – or drop by one of our transmission repair shops in Glen Allen or south Richmond/Midlothian. Whether your auto needs an oil change or a transmission rebuild, Aarrow is always at your service.